Designing a human-centred bank
The customer base of Barclays is roughly 20% of adults in the UK, meaning millions of daily logins from all types of people. And as we all know money is highly charged topic – it can impact emotions massively.
I was at Barclays for a year and a half which was split between two major projects: The product hub, and what was at the time a project called the future business model. Sadly the later I can’t talk about publicly but it was an extension of the product hub work.
Product Hub
The product hub is the shop window to anything outside of your standard bank accounts. So if a customer wants to take a loan, mortgage, start investing, get some insurance etc… they all have to go through the product hub.
When I arrived various teams had attempted to refresh and optimise the Barclays hub but due to the complex internal structure they had failed to deliver. At the time this was unbeknown to me so I started as I would normally - running design sprints to gain momentum and traction with the required stakeholders.
The more I worked on the project the more I realised what an incredibly opportunity we sat on. Millions of daily visits and no updates, optimisation or personalisation in years…
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